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Washington Aluminium Service's range of quality Composite Doors is available in a huge range of colours, styles and glazing options. They provide excellent weather tightness and ensure the highest level of security and safety.

Washington Aluminium Services Ltd's range of internally glazed Composite front and rear Doors not only provides excellent weather-tightness but also ensures the highest level of security and safety.

Our range of grey and black and other Composite Doors look and feel like traditional timber doors and are available in a huge range of colours, styles and glazing options. These doors do not require painting or varnishing because they are manufactured from high-density foam and thermoplastic door skins, designed to resist denting, warping or cracking.


Our Composite Doors are manufactured in-house to the highest quality and provide excellent levels of noise and thermal insulation and are bonded under high pressure creating a door leaf that is extremely strong. The locking system used offers high security with multi-point hook lock and deadlocks.



Explore our latest supplied and installed composite doors in and around Washington.

Starting from £1600 supplied & fitted

Washington Aluminium Services Ltd are proud to be able to offer customers any style and colour Premium Quality Composite Doors supplied and fitted from our extensive range
Starting from only £1600 fitted.


range of composite doors


Washington Aluminium Services Ltd, Composite Doors are available as 44mm single or 70mm double rebated doors, ensuring there is an option available to suit all applications.


Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our Composite Doors are extremely robust, durable and long lasting. Door leafs are backed by a 10 year performance guarantee.

Keeping your home safe and secure is of paramount importance, which is why all Washington Aluminium Services Ltd Doors are designed for enhanced security.


Only the toughest materials are used to form our door leafs, making the doors virtually impact resistant.


All doors feature multi-point locking mechanisms and hardware as standard, and are fitted to ultra-strong Inliten door frames.

Washington Aluminium Services Ltd Composite Doors are designed for maximum thermal insulation, ensuring energy is retained inside the home.


All doors and glazing units within our collection offer excellent energy efficiency properties; helping you save on home heating bills and reducing carbon emissions.


The Washington Aluminium Services Ltd Composite Door range is designed for high aesthetic appeal. Doors feature a genuine grain-effect finish, giving the appearance of a traditional timber door whilst delivering the benefits of modern materials.


Personalise your door with a colour of your choice, including contemporary RAL colour options, or a bespoke, handcrafted decorative glass design.

Washington Aluminium Services Ltd Composite Doors are available as single or double rebate doors.


There is a choice of over 16 different styles from traditional cottage style doors to modern contemporary styles.


Matching sidelight glass is available on the Classic glass range (not available with Deluxe glass range).

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